About Wouter Planet


Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.

History of Wouter Planet


I created this website as The Site Against Boredom, and it was called WouterandKevin.com in that time. The main purpose of the website was to provide the users with funny videos,comics,memes,games and other random stuff they could do when they were bored.


I wanted to make the site a bit more personal, so I renamed it to Wouter Planet the purpose of the site remained somewhat the same. Although I started to add more and more thing I created myself (like simple games,videos,...)


I wanted to clean-up the site a bit: removed content that was never watched, renewed some of the old stuff.


Wouter Planet continues to grow. It might not be the most popular website out there, but my friends and family love it! And that's how I like it.


Wouter Planet grows even further, but the system on which the site is made is unable to follow because of it technical limitations. I have two options: keep the site as it is now or update to a new advanced system. Updating the system would mean creating a whole new website from scratch...


It is finally time to move on! Time to create a new Wouter Planet.