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In the Spotlight

Christmas time is (almost here)

And we got a big surprise coming up!

Best of Google Search

Google autocomplete at it's best.

Fail Compilations

Collection of people failing

Karate Fail Compilation

A video showing the best karate and martial arts bloopers.

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What's new?

A page with funny signs...

We brought back a page that was very popular on Wouter Planet: Stupid Signs.
A page dedicated to funny,random and weird (road) signs!

Paintings with a story

We added a page where paintings are given a whole new meaning thanks to funny captions. Click here to take a look.

The fail compilations are back

The fail compilations we used to have on our website are finally back. Can't wait?
Let's go take a look.

New page with random memes

We added a new page for random memes. This page is meant for memes that we actually couldn't place anywhere else.
Interested ? Check it out here.

Good news for all you meme fans: We will update this page regularly, so make sure to come back from time to time to check out the latest memes.

Wouter Planet blockades

We received reports of companies that are starting to block the 'wouterplanet.com' domain. The beginning of their end? Or the end of our beginning?

Website constructions

As you might have noticed Wouter Planet has had a lot of changes recently. This is because we want to keep expanding and improving. We don't know when (or if) Wouter Planet will be finished. Creating this website takes time, so we appreciate your patience.

In the mean time if you encounter an error somewhere, please let us know! Suggestions are also welcome: head to the contact page to get in touch.

Facebook page updated

Our Facebook page was given an update. Take a look here!

New video page

We created a new video page. Click here to browse our video collection.

Hello world!

Our new news system is live!


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